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Maybe you’re the problem

In their recent book (and in their TV appearances!), Why We Argue, Scott and Rob make the case for vigorous, meaningful, and competent public argument.  The competence part of this is the most obvious.  Logic texts have long made the … Continue reading

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The force of reasons

We begin with a tale of inconsistency, borrowing (pretty much completely) from Atrios: Krauthammer. [2005, when Republicans held a narrow majority in the Senate] Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist seems intent on passing a procedural ruling to prevent judicial filibusters. … … Continue reading

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Ponzi inception

In the movie "Inception," Leonardo di Caprio led a gang of mind-soldiers who, with the help of explosions, torture, and snowmobiles, planted ideas in people's heads.  IRL, in real life for the uninitiated, those people are pundits, who repeat stuff … Continue reading

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I don’t usually practice psychiatry in my blog

If there is a logic to the arguments of politicians, I don't know what it is.  A vote for a politician involves a complex web of commitments whose primary objective is action, not belief.  So when politicians violate the rules of … Continue reading

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Pile on

The other day I talked about this weak and hollow man rich column by Charles Krauthammer.  But there was way more about that column that an attentive undergraduate could have criticized.  Here's another tidbit.  He wrote: And now the mosque … Continue reading

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Letters to the editor

A post or two ago I made the claim that columnists and arguers in general ought to have some lattitude in defining their opponent's argument(s).  One only has 750 or so words, so one can't possibly be expected to provide thorough references.   The breadth … Continue reading

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He’s a decent family man and citizen*

Shorter Charles Krauthammer: only liberals are bigotted enough to use ad hominem arguments.  Todays' piece is a gold mine of fallacious reasoning.  One hardly knows where to begin (or where to end).  Now hold on objector, I'm going to prove that charge, just give me a … Continue reading

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Liberal Intelligentsia

You have to hand it to Charles Krauthammer, at least he makes an effort to mount an argument.  Sadly, however, his effort too often confuses fallacious forms of argument with valid ones.  Today's topic: the "Ground Zero" "Mosque."  I put … Continue reading

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I wanted to make history

Here's an entertaining misuse of an argument schema (or topic as they were once called): KRAUTHAMMER: It’s only nine times the length of the Gettysburg Address, and Lincoln was answering an easier question, the higher purpose of the union and … Continue reading

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Straw Obama

Here is an entertaining item from a Washington Post Editorial: THERE IS, it seems evident, more than enough blame to go around in the botched handling of the botched Christmas bombing. Not for some Republicans. With former vice president Richard … Continue reading

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