You’re kidding, right?

In the years prior to September 11th, how many 9/11-style terror attacks were there? At what frequency? I ask because some continue to suggest that the absence of such attacks in the wake of 9/11 is an achievement:

>For more than three years, partisan opponents of the Bush administration have made two arguments against its conduct of the “global war on terror.”

>First, they’ve argued, the absence of another Sept. 11-like attack has not been the result of anything our government has done, here or overseas. Remember, after conditions in Iraq began to worsen, they began to say we were in even more jeopardy at home than we were five years ago.

Sorry Dr.Hanson, but absence of evidence is not evidence. Though a panicky media and government believed 9/11 was but the first of many attacks, experts suggested otherwise. Besides, terror attacks of the al Qaeda variety have taken place in both London and Madrid. Remember, the terrorists make no distinction among infidels (as we make no distinction among the terrorists and those who harbor them–except when we do).

This argument ought to be put to bed. The editors of the newspaper ought to delete it as they would a dangling participle.

One thought on “You’re kidding, right?”

  1. you’ve got to be kidding, right? i mean, hanson is totally justified in his assertions. one need only to look at lisa’s rock for evidence, because i don’t see any tigers around springfield. personally, i think we should focus on the reald “danger to americuh”:bears. vicious, food-theiving bears. we should invade their country in the ANWR and drill for oil. that’ll teach ’em, with their pointy teeth and voracious appetites.

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