8 thoughts on “Reverend Blue Jeans”

  1. Wow, that’s just … sad. Particularly coming from someone whose sartorial choices reached no further than the bow-tie.
    I suppose on the logical level one of the things that stands out here is the Straw Man character of Will’s “argument.” There are a variety of reasons for wearing jeans,  not least of which is their durability (which is still a virtue even if you don’t work on a farm). I would also add their breathability — something many synthetics lack — and their tactile agreeableness, something that can be lacking with wool. Plus, being casual does not mean being slovenly, as even the simplest of observations can easily reveal.
    Then there is the bald-faced hypocrisy of a complaint that people are trying to image themselves along the lines of a stereotype coming from someone whose entire dress code is defined by the way it fulfills a  particular stereotypic image (see the above “sartorial” comment). There might be something of a specious analogy here as well: I dress to fulfill a particular stereotype “code,” therefore not only does everyone else also dress to fulfill a code, but it is the same code I use (therefore, they are just slobs).

  2. Plus, what’s up with this whole “women being allowed to wear pants” business? Put a damn skirt back on. And baseball caps. If you are not playing baseball, then why are you wearing one? And don’t get me started on running shoes. I’ve seen tons of people who clearly never run sporting new Nikes. Poseurs, hypocrites, and trash, the lot of them.

    Reminds me of all those Saudis and their “thawbs”. I bet 95% of those people aren’t crossing the desert anymore. They should stop holding on to their bedouin ways of dress and put on a damn suit and bow-tie like true rugged individualists.

    God, why can’t all these “sheeple” get their own tailors or fashion consultants? Disgusting.

  3. Holy elitism, Batman!

    OK so lemmegetthisstraight. Jeans, always jeans, ubiquitous jeans, are undifferentiated and homogenizing America? Has Will been to a clothing store in the last 20 years? The jean, in its thousands of varieties, is perhaps, the most expressive piece of clothing the world has ever known. Dozens, probably hundreds, of American cultures and subcultures are identifiable purely based on cut and color of denim.

    Instead of our denim leggings, Will astoundingly suggests men should all dress like Fred Astaire. Yes, if only everyone would imitate one man, this ghastly plague of ubiquitous pant fabric might end.

    Full disclosure: this comment written while wearing jeans.

    PS: did Will insinuate that people who play video games shouldn’t be allowed to vote? Surely he means to be sarcastic. And surely, his dumb-ass-ery is now manifest to all? (even slovenly video-game playing jean wearers?)

  4. Is that source you linked to for Empedocles correct? Was his proscription against “beans” really advice to abstain from sex?

  5. Speaking of jeans and beans … you can buy a lot of it with this.
    John, when is NEIU going to get something like that?

  6. Just so I’m clear: is the pun here on the Neil Diamond song or something else?  🙂

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