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Vote for us or we’ll shoot the baby

This is one of the weirder arguments I have heard recently.  Making the case, I think, for the Romney/Ryan ticket, Ramesh Ponnuru argues thusly:

In the same AP interview, Obama suggested that Republicans would feel pressure “to cooperate on a balanced package” on the budget: that is, one with tax increases. Republicans famously failed to react to their drubbing in 2008 — after which, let’s recall, Time magazine was running cover stories on their impending extinction — by softening their line on anything. Why would they react that way after an election that goes better for them? Especially when they will be looking forward to the gains that the party out of the White House typically makes in midterm elections.  

So the thought goes something like this.  Republicans are rigid ideologues who will not compromise with the President.  They remain so even when their views are unpopular.  We have no choice but to vote for them if we want anything done.  I must be getting this wrong, because that's asisine.

via Washington Monthly