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Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee shows the world that the WMD fiasco can remain a never-ending source of hilarity.  He first alleged that the weapons were spirited out to Jordan (our ally), when asked (by Fox News of all organizations) whether he has any evidence of that, he replies:

I don’t have any evidence. [Saddam] was the one who announced openly he had weapons of mass destruction. He’s the one who had used similar weapons in the past. Let’s remember that both Democrats and Republicans and our intelligence agencies believed that he had them.

My point was that, no, we didn’t find them. Did they get into Syria? Did they get into some remote area of Jordan? Did they go some other place? We don’t know. They may not have existed. But simply saying — we didn’t find them so therefore they didn’t exist — is a bit of an overreach.

Not quite.  It's not a matter of simply saying, but rather simply scouring the country, then re-examining the evidence for simply saying they had WMD,then, and only then finally simply saying, gee, oops, I suppose we were wrong about that.  Boy is our face red.

2 thoughts on “Simply saying”

  1. Is this meant to be an extension of yesterday’s post? Because it would appear the Rev. Huckabee has used an appeal to ignorance to refute an appeal to ignorance. Then again, the appeal to ignorance he cites was not really an appeal to ignorance, as you’ve pointed out. Instead, Huckabee strawmans that position, then uses an appeal to ignorance to knock down the strawmanned position. Logical gymnastics on grand scale by the good reverend.

  2. Holy Moley Phil I think you’re right. That should have gone in yesterday’s post. Excellent point.

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