Must say something about William Kristol's new column in the crazy liberal New York Times (that's ironing, by the way).  By all rational accounts, Kristol is a joke.  And indeed in his column he goes about demonstrating that fact:

His campaigning in New Hampshire has been impressive. At a Friday night event at New England College in Henniker, he played bass with a local rock band, Mama Kicks. One secular New Hampshire Republican’s reaction: “Gee, he’s not some kind of crazy Christian. He’s an ordinary American.”

One particularly uninformed person saw the otherwise crazily Christian Huckabee play bass and concluded he was normal.  Kristol thinks that is a good thing. 

One thought on “Obligatory”

  1. It also seems like there’s a false dichotomy, “some kind of crazy Christian” vs. “an ordinary American”. There is considerable overlap between these two categories, and one would have expected a “secular” Republican to recognize this…
    I’m not sure I understand the difference between a foolish/invalid distinction and an actual false dichotomy. Any advice?

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