Miracles of belief

This has to be one of the funnier book reviews I've read in a while:

Now retired from the University of Reading in Berkshire (he has also taught at Oxford and in Scotland, Canada and the United States), he is the author of several cogent and elegant works of philosophy, including accomplished critiques of religion. In many public debates he has vigorously made the case for unbelief. But I doubt thoughtful believers will welcome this volume. Far from strengthening the case for the existence of God, it rather weakens the case for the existence of Antony Flew.

The rest is even better.

2 thoughts on “Miracles of belief”

  1. It was a pretty odd review. It’s been a few days since I read it (they publish their Sunday stuff early online), but it seemed to imply he didn’t even write the majority of it, based extensively on the fact that he used words such as “beverage.”

    The book review was rather incoherent. But that appears to be appropriate for the subject. Flew’s been acting weird lately, it seems: See the bottom of
    Section title “Update (March 2006)”. He’s been reported to be “confused,” “unclear,” “philosophically incoherent,” and unable to offer any reasons for any of his statements. I’d say the book seems appropriate.

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