Liberal Fascism

This book refutes itself. But, while we’re at it:


Image courtesy of Sadly, No! as well.  Anyway, that’s something like the fallacy of the excluded middle–a formal fallacy, a rare thing, by the way, for the Non Sequitur.  It goes like this:

1.  Some Nazis were vegetarians

2.  Some liberals are vegetarians

3.  Ergo, etc.  

Now, purely for the sake of repeating another funny Sadly, No! item (in case that strikes you as utterly incomprehensible, this site will explain it): 



6 thoughts on “Liberal Fascism”

  1. A formal fallacy, indeed! I put on a tie for this comment.

    “Every time Goldberg publishes, the world gets a little stupider.”

    My dear pm, every time Goldberg publishes, quiz writing for critical thinking profs gets a little easier.

    At the same time, I continue to be tortured by the question — is it still attacking a strawman if they insist on making themselves into strawmwen?

  2. Hey Steve G–

    Good point about the straw men. It’s important to remember that Goldberg is a respected member of the media establishment; Howard Kurtz loves him and has him on his show.

    One wonders, however, regarding your other remark, whether Goldberg is really just working for Big Academia, producing crappy arguments for us to knock down. One has to wonder.

  3. “This book refutes itself”

    Is that an Appeal to Pity? You haven’t actually read it (it’s not out yet) so you’re appealing to our pity in a “so’s your mother” manner?

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