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My new book with Robert Talisse is Why We Argue (And How We Should).  It’s got a lot of the discussions you’ve seen here at the NS.  Our agreement with the publisher is that we keep a blog with substantive entries on argumentation and politics up and running for a few years.  So here’s my plan. I’ll still do short blogging here at the NS, but longer essay-type entries will be over at the WWA site.  I’ll have pointers here for the WWA articles and I’ll have pointers there for the NS articles.  For fans of the NS, the book will be some familiar territory, but some other new stuff – especially the requirements of good reasoning to keep Plato’s worries about democracy at bay.  You can find the WWA blog here.  And you can buy a copy of WWA here.

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  1. I’m waiting for the Kindle version of Why We Argue (And How We Should).

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