Global warming? Meh.

Here’s a great downplayer for the worry about global warming. At AmSpec Shawn Macomber interviews two professors at King’s College (New York), C. David Corbin and Matt Parks.  In making a contrast between the ‘blind spots’ of two generations, they have a unique way of describing what we’re worried about with the warming trend:

Still, every generation has its blind spots: in our college days twenty years ago we all wanted to save the whales; today they’re afraid global warming might give them a little too much ocean to swim in.

Yes. Well, we’re not worried about where we’ll swim when we are worried about global warming.  The point of the contrast is not to make a substantive claim, of course.  Instead, it’s more like a gesture that says: Fuck substantive claims about global warming.  I don’t care at all.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.