Religious orientation

Speaking of the Daily Show, here is their version of the Vatican Standoff (discussed here the other day):

Here’s the Vatican’s Bishop Toso making essentially the same argument:

There are many areas where intolerance against Christians can clearly be seen, but two stand out as being particularly relevant at present.

The first is intolerance against Christian speech. In recent years there has been a significant increase in incidents involving Christians who have been arrested and even prosecuted, for speaking on Christian issues. Religious leaders are threatened with police action after preaching about sinful behaviour and some are even sentenced to prison for preaching on the biblical teaching against sexual immorality. Even private conversations between citizens, including expression of opinions on social network, can become the grounds of a criminal complaint, or at least intolerance, in many European countries.

If only Samantha Bee could have interviewed this guy.

One thought on “Religious orientation”

  1. If only! Great segment.

    Perhaps my favorite bit: “It was clear that intolerance toward Christians is a huge problem… in his mind.”

    Matt Slick touches on that Sarah Palin classic, that criticizing him is (or would be) an infringement of his free speech rights.

    Todd Clayton had some good lines. (I’d suggest once again that when theocrats say “freedom,” they really mean privilege.)

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