Pretty in pink

Check out Charles Krauthammer’s downplaying analogy over at the NRO for Obama’s ‘Red Line’ ultimatum with Syria using chemical weapons and what the Right thinks is dithering (or “fudging and fumbling”) in the face of the worry they’ve used them.  The headline:

Pink Line over Damascus

Get it?  Not red, but pink.  You see what he did there? Replaced red with pink. So, it’s like a girl’s ultimatum, which is, you know, not very decisive:

He would have it both ways: sound decisive but never have to deliver.

Yeah, just like a little girl, so pink.  And conservatives wonder why they have a problem with women.

One thought on “Pretty in pink”

  1. My reading of the column is basically, “Obama has been reluctant to go to war in Syria and, for absolutely no good reason, he continues to insist that there be evidence of actual use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government before he sends in forces or initiates a bombing campaign based on their purported use of chemical weapons. Meanwhile, the war in Syria is playing out as a local conflict and is likely to be resolved by the local players, perhaps with U.S. support but without any need for the U.S. to go to war. This is horrible!”

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