It often happens–every day actually–that people say things I wanted to, only better:

>An annoyance: any discussion of any complex issue in terms of abstract taxonomy at the expense of a careful account of specific people, places, times, motivations, and events. This gives me hives when it pops up in, say, literary criticism, but it really pisses me off in discussions of foreign policy, where the consequences of f***ing up are a lot of dead people.

I would add, of course, specific arguments.

One thought on “Specificity”

  1. Kind of the way Republicans, when talking about gay marriage, NEVER
    use the word “gay” but instead just say stupid things like “Marriage IS between a man and a woman!” (as if anyone else gets to decide what marriage “IS” for me!) and “activist jusges who want to legislate from the bench and redefine marriage!” You’ll never, EVER hear anybody, even the President, actually use the word “gay” at the same time they’re expressing their desire to turn millions of gay Americans into second-class citizens. Disgusting.

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