Opinions for hire

However much we berate the conservative commentariat, we usually presume their opinions are actually their opinions.  Turns out we might have been wrong.  Turns out some of them, a crew of ten or so, were on the payroll of the anti-democratic government of Malaysia.  I wonder if Malaysia got what they wanted.  I also wonder who else is paying these jokers.  An interesting graph:

According to Trevino’s belated federal filing, the interests paying Trevino were in fact the government of Malaysia, “its ruling party, or interests closely aligned with either.” The Malaysian government has been accused of multiple human rights abuses and restricting the press and personal freedoms. Anwar, the opposition leader, has faced prosecution for sodomy, a prosecution widely denounced in the West, which Trevino defended as more “nuanced” than American observers realized. The government for which Trevino worked also attacked Anwar for saying positive things about Israel; Trevino has argued that Anwar is not the pro-democracy figure he appears.

I’m sure it was very nuanced.  In total they received over 400k.  Nice work, if you can get it.