People check these things don’t they?

Here is something worth thinking about from Paul Krugman, via Daily Kos:

You really have to wonder how someone who’s a major political figure could be this uninformed — but you have to wonder even more about the state of mind that induces you to write an op-ed about a subject you don’t comprehend at all.

I think we all can share the feeling of giving an answer we didn't really know to be true, just because, well, we didn't care.  What separates the normal bullshitter from the pundit, however, is that the pundit is (a) immune to correction and (b) the pundit has an audience of millions of people, some portion of which who are going to repeat what she says just because, well, it's got to have some truth to it, because people check these things don't they?.

The problem is they don't check these things.

One thought on “People check these things don’t they?”

  1. So Jindal is a genius in the same sense as Paul Ryan? "Take my word for it, and never read or listen to a word that the man says."
    Editorials like this are often written by advocacy groups who then offer prominent individuals the opportunity to claim authorship, then shop them around to media companies.

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