Our problems are solved

Who thought it could be so easy:

>In fact, if you really wanted to supercharge the nation, you’d fill it with college students who constantly attend church, but who are skeptical of everything they hear there. For there are at least two things we know about flourishing in a modern society.

>First, college students who attend religious services regularly do better than those that don’t. As Margarita Mooney, a Princeton sociologist, has demonstrated in her research, they work harder and are more engaged with campus life. Second, students who come from denominations that encourage dissent are more successful, on average, than students from denominations that don’t.

Wouldn’t it be quicker if we all became Jesuits?

4 thoughts on “Our problems are solved”

  1. if, as brooks attests, america is the harvard of the world, then he is larry summers.

  2. That’s right, you cite one study, and conclude that students who attend religious services enjoy greater acedemic success then those who don’t. Hmm, I’m sure with that kind of evidenciary standard, one could make a convincing argument for the validity of phrenology. Perhaps, Brooks, if only we reccommened shaping-braces for more perfect skulls? Yet, another in his many ideas on how to make America the center-right America that Brooks envisions.

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