Logic and reason

In the category of questions that answer themselves, Al Gore wonders,

>why logic and reason and the best evidence available and the scientific discoveries do not have more force in changing the way we all think about the reality we are now facing.

Part of his answer is the “serial obsessions” of the media with with Anna Nicole Smith types of stories. And when they talk about politics, they obsess over the irrelevant details of the political horse race. And when they obsess over that, they focus on the most tabloid aspects of the election process.

Fair enough. But this really answers a separate question: why is no one interested in the reality we are facing.

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  1. this morning i was watching the “news,” and a “reporter” was “interviewing” the current crops of local vacuous humans that are auditioning for “beauty and the geek.” he asked them several questions about current affairs, ending with “what is fallujah?” no one knew. in fact, they started giggling about how that was what they had on their sandwiches (as if the silly females who have given into an anorexic sterotype of feminine beauty have ever had a sandwhich, but i digress) and generally had a roitous good time laughing about a place where some of my best friends saw their last day on earth. so, i go to thinking. i’ve got a new idea for a career in standup comedy. i’ll stand at the mic and say thing like “gettysburg!” and “iwo jima” and “darfur” and then the audience can guess which is place where a few thousand people were horrifically maimed and killed and which is a sandwhich condiment. it’ll be really funny. i swear.

  2. I was not aware that Mr. Gore was going to be releasing a new book this week, having only learned of it through the interview linked to this entry. If the purpose of this book it so try and address the ‘why’ behind Professor Casey’s final question in his post, I would be anxoius to hear Mr. Gore’s take.

  3. From a quick amazon search, I believe I’ve found the Feyerabend text you’re referring to. Its called ‘The Assault on Reason’, and it was published nearly two decades ago. While the two books might be addressing similar topic, I’d be interested in seeing Gore’s take on the subject, with more contemporary pieces of evidence, (Fox News, Bush Administration, etc). The argument might essentially be the same, but the texts are probably significantly different.

  4. no, i was thinking of feyerabend’s “farewell to reason,” which i’m currently reading (or attempting to read!), and it was more a joke, anyway, as feyerabend is kind of issuing a fond au revoir, not bemoaning the societal rejection of reason.

  5. I know that feeling… I’ve just begun Marcel Proust, “In the Search of Lost Time”.. not to mention all of the philopsophy I want to tackle…

  6. Why? The majority of Americans are simply uneducated.

    But beyond that I think that the majority of Americans simply lack an imagination.

    Then again, sorry, I get confused easily, maybe that the majority of Americans simply do not care, are too selfish and self-centered. Could that be becuase of a poor educational system?

    One can imagine millions of people all over the country channel surfing on the TV next Tuesday night at 8:00 pm… How many will stop at NOVA and how many will stop at American Idol?

  7. A lack of intellectual curiosity, I would postulate, is directly correllated with the quality and level of one’s education. Only a third of American adults possess a basic college degree, many of whom see their education merely as a way of procuring a more lucrative job. The percentage of American adults with rich liberal-arts backgrounds is surprisingly low. That crucial liberal-arts spine, provides students with schemas for all sorts of various acedemic disciplines. Finally, to your point about political apathy, I would also add that political sensibility and youthful activism also comes, for most Americans, with their college experience. We, stand puzzled at the interests of those without acedemic backgounds, and I suppose we always will.

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