Crazy talk

If I’m not mistaken, the last time we undid a regime it didn’t turn out so well. Never mind, though, the cheerleaders of that fiasco have a new idea:

>It is undeniable that the U.S., without either invading or suffering many casualties, could use its air power to send the Iranian economy and military back to the mullahs’ cherished 7th Century. But there is no need to do so.

>Instead, if the EU would cease all its trade with Iran, and if the West would divest entirely from the country — that is, boycott all companies that do any business with Tehran — the theocracy would face bankruptcy within months.

>Even if further escalation were warranted, we could at some future date enforce a naval blockade of the Iranian coast that alone would determine what goods would be allowed into this outlaw regime.

>But bomb Iran?

>For now, we should try as hard to avoid it as these desperate clerics seem to want it.

Economic sanctions strengthened Saddam’s grip on power, and, invading his country in order to punish him succeeded in eliminating him, but greatly strengthened Iran. The last conclusion one could draw from these indisputable facts is that we should seek further antagonism.

2 thoughts on “Crazy talk”

  1. i think we’re seeing the frat-boy antics of the cult of masculinity, incited by the fact that iran just pulled their punk card with this whole open water incident. on our side of the pond, they rant and demand retribution, like a bleery frat boy whose been ruffled the wrong way at Hi-Tops; on the brit side of the pond, they question the loyalty of the formerly imprisoned saiors and royal marines, ignoring the fact that they would all probably go brown trousers should they be called on to do the deed themselves. it’s just so much swagger and posturing.

  2. pardon. that should read “whose feathers have been ruffled…”

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