3 thoughts on “Nuts”

  1. Mmmmmm…peanut butter and banana. My god, that’s one divine sandwich. Manna from heaven, I tell you…

  2. Haha, Steve G. I just saw the peanut butter video last night. I was aghast. And yes, I thought of the banana example as well. Further proof that Elvis is God, I suppose. 😉

  3. Wow, I believe that even if the peanut butter example was some how an adequate analogy it wouldn’t speak in any way against the theory of evolution. The theory of natural evolution of organisms does not make any claim as the origin of life itself. Darwin wrote, “On the Origins of Species” not “On the Origin of Life.” So the scope of evolution deals only with the development of living organism and does not deal with the origin of life itself. I believe the above video only demonstrates the fundamental misunderstandings that a large number of people have about one of the central foundational theories in biology. It’s no wonder why so many reject the theory of evolution. It’s because they only know it as a straw-man presentation given by its unsophisticated critics.

    I wake up each morning and see the sunrise and I watch each evening as the sun sets. Millions of people over millions of days have watched these same events. Clearly, Copernicus’ and Aristarchus’ heliocentric theories are wrong with all of these confirmed counterexamples. The straw-man has been defeated. Lets all go home.

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