Michelle Bachmann has some interesting ideas on how to pay for the Iraq war, namely, the Iraqis should pay for it:

It’s over 800 billion dollars that we have expended [in Iraq]. I believe that Iraq should pay us back for the money that we spent, and I believe that Iraq should pay the families that lost a loved one several million dollars per life, I think at minimum.

It's been a long time that she has superpassed plausible parody; why not just run Stephen Colbert in her place.

On the bright side, however, she seems to think at least that the war has cost money.

One thought on “Bachmannalia”

  1. They say that those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. But it would be to flatter Bachmann to suggest that the problem is limited to her lack of understanding of history.
    It would be nice if the more serious candidates could say, "We're not interested in the way that these debates make us look, up here with a bunch of vanity candidates and self-promoters. Future debates will be limited to the serious candidate." The problem… the most serious candidates, if we're talking grasp of facts and issues, have typically trailed far behind the vanity candidates. And if we define "serious candidate" by "has any appreciable chance of winning", most of those who have some grasp of the issues would be forced off the stage in favor of people like Cain and Bachmann (although her numbers have crashed).
    It's difficult to believe that the Republican Party wants to be taken seriously as a party, but half the nation doesn't seem to mind what they're seeing…..

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