Marriage is between one man and a series of women

Disgraced former Speaker of the House and current Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich on Gay Marriage:

"I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I think that's what marriage ought to be and I would like to find ways to defend that view as legitimately and effectively as possible."

Getting hetero-married over and over (Gingrich is on his third wife) is not perhaps one of those ways.

In other news–every read this awesome post by Scott and Rob Talisse at 3 Quarks Daily.

One thought on “Marriage is between one man and a series of women”

  1. He is just showing how awesome hetero-marriage is by doing it over and over and over again. It's like the teapots at Disney, gays and lesbians just aren't tall enough to ride but thats not a reason to spoil Newts wild ride.

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