To every beast of the earth

American Family Association style:

One human being is worth more than an infinite number of grizzly bears. Another way to put it is that there is no number of live grizzlies worth one dead human being. If it’s a choice between grizzlies and humans, the grizzlies have to go. And it’s time.

And another interesting moral calculation (same guy):

When President Bush sent our troops into Iraq in 2003, I remember telling my pastoral colleagues that there was one criterion and one criterion only for determining whether our invasion and attempt at nation-building would be a success: whether we left behind a nation with genuine religious liberty for Christians and Jews.

. . . .

Bottom line: God blesses nations who are kind to Christians and Jews, the descendants of Abraham, and curses those nations who are not. If we had an enlightened policy with regard to Iraq, the one thing we would have insisted on is complete freedom of religion for Christians and Jews. We did nothing of the sort, and consequently have spent seven years only to leave behind a nation that officially rests under the curse of God. What a waste.

God loves religious liberty (for some); but not bears.  God hates bears.


3 thoughts on “To every beast of the earth”

  1. Islam is part of the Abrahamic faith as well.  It shows how much these "experts" really know.

  2. That's right.  He seems to ignore that.  Perhaps his interest is in the unequal freedom granted the three Abrahamic faiths.  Anyway, I earnestly hoped when I saw that it was a joke.  And I'd be happy still to be wrong.

  3. Muslim bears are coming to eat everyone!  
    With terror babies riding them!  
    And witches with death panels!
    At some point we might hit what someone dubbed "The Wingnularity." 

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