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Here's an article worth reading.  A sample:

A powerful thunderstorm forced President Obama to cancel his Memorial Day speech near Chicago on Monday—an arbitrary event that had no affect on the trajectory of American politics.

And another:

Chief among the criticisms of Obama was his response to the spill. Pundits argued that he needed to show more emotion. Their analysis, however, should be viewed in light of the economic pressures on the journalism industry combined with a 24-hour news environment and a lack of new information about the spill itself.

Reminds me of this meta-news story story.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article. Would it be possible to include a brief description to indicate what postings are about? In Bloglines, here's all that appeared: 
    A link – By John Casey on General discussion

    Many of the blogs I follow share links. From a practical perspective, I can't take the time to follow every link. I generally don't unless I'm intrigued by the description.

  2. mildly frequent commenter who has nothing to say but feels obligated to say something for linking the meta-news story story to their facebook page.

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