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Wrenching from context

Last night's Daily Show had a nice discussion of the "you didn't build that line" that Obama didn't utter (i.e., in the way suggested).  For those unfamiliar with this, the President gave a speech, talked about infrastructure (such as roads) … Continue reading

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Final Exam

It's final exam day here in my world–Critical Thinking is the course.  A friend on Face Book posted this article about being a Republican who believed climate change to be a real thing.  Actually, the article is about understanding what … Continue reading

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The same basic respect, i.e., none.

It's been well over a week since conservative radio host made launched into a not-uncommon series of misogynisitic ad feminam attacks against a women speaking on an issue of concern to women.  The woman, Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University Law student, was invited by Congress to speak on the issue of … Continue reading

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Brace yourselves

Many have probably heard Mitt Romney's line about firing people.  Here it is in full (ish): ROMNEY: I want people to be able to own insurance if they wish to, and to buy it for themselves and perhaps keep it … Continue reading

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Crazy Train

We've all been busy here at the Non Sequitur.  But today I had a moment for a short post. Here's Paul Krugman on George Will (via Eschaton): Oh, boy — this George Will column (via Grist) is truly bizarre: So … Continue reading

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New study shows: liberals don’t have conservative economic views

Ron Ross, at The American Spectator, reports that a Zogby International survey "confirms what (he's) long suspected — when it comes to economics, liberals are clueless."  The survey asks respondents to identify themselves on a spectrum from very liberal to … Continue reading

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