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False dilemma, inclusive disjunction

Mark Steyn’s lead post at NRO today was an argumentative (and organizational) trainwreck.  Here’s just one of the fallacious lovelies.  Steyn observes that lefties have in the past been against marriage, as a kind of anti-bourgeois bit of posing.  And … Continue reading

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Did he just false dilemma himself?

Jed Babbin, over at The American Spectator, has some objections to the gender-integration of combat troops.  He breaks the issue into two questions: First and foremost is whether the presence of women will add to or detract from the readiness … Continue reading

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Hope you like false on your dilemmas

David Catron’s piece at the American Spectator is titled: Is Obamacare Socialism or Fascism? How about liberal, progressive, or egalitarian for tertium quids? (N.B., check out Catron’s opening paragraph, where he insists that he won’t eat healthy food, and thinks … Continue reading

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Adventures in false dilemmas

Here's the title of Howard Rich's post at American Spectator. Barack Obama: Socialist or Nouveau Fascist? Rich argues that Socialism isn't quite right about Obama's policies, as he does let many who have done well keep their spoils.  So it's … Continue reading

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If it impedes economic growth

I watched the first Republican debates this last Tuesday.  Michele Bachmann, I felt, got the short end of the stick. Even for her coming out party (she declared herself in the race at the debates), she was too often talked … Continue reading

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Better we didn’t shoot him?

Jay Homnick at The American Spectator isn't buying the "apotheosis of Obama" narrative he thinks is being told about the operation to take out Osama Bin Laden.  Partly because the target didn't really matter any more. He says: Osama has … Continue reading

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Donald Effin’ Trump

Over at National Review Online, Dennis Prager has some important things to say about Donald Trump's choice of words.  Well, what choice of words, first: The following comments were made in a public speech last week by a man considering … Continue reading

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Bully for false dilemmas

Thomas Sowell thinks most of the contemporary rhetoric about school bullying is nonsense.  Empty rhetoric, says he. There is a lot of talk from many people about bullying in school. The problem is that it is all talk. There is … Continue reading

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