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Replace and defend

A follow up on David Brooks’ piece on the inadvisability of marijuana legalization.  Perhaps you’ll recall that Brooks told a very personal tale of his own adolescent adventure with marijuana.  TL;DR: marijuana should remain illegal (also because of nature and … Continue reading

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David Brooks has taken it easy for all of us sinners

John Holbo at Crooked Timber reads David Brooks’ recent column on marijuana and has a request we’ve had for a long time: Why is this interesting? I’ve said it before, and this column is a good example.In US politics, the conservative … Continue reading

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You don’t say

  Today I want to borrow something particularly interesting from No More Mister Nice Blog.  Much of our work here, as we head into our ninth year, involves pointing out the flaws in people’s arguments.  I still think that’s an … Continue reading

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The old ball and chain

A playground loser may save his ego with the following: I didn’t want to win anyway.  Here’s Yale Professor David Brooks’ latest version. But last week saw a setback for the forces of maximum freedom. A representative of millions of gays and … Continue reading

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Wherein David Brooks gets it partially right

Whenever a politician says something inexcusably horrible, you can rest assured that a parade of iron manners, that is, the sophists, will appear, attempting to make the weak argument appear stronger.  This has so far been the case with Mitt … Continue reading

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Anomalous regularity

There are a couple of people I now consider it completely safe to ignore: George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Gerson, and of course, David Brooks.  These are the guys who inspired this whole project.  Every now and then, however, it's … Continue reading

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Trust your feelings

In service of the idea that arguments infect people like viruses, immuno-suppressed Dennis Prager catches some of that David Brooks virus (see here).  Prager, however, manages to get a worse version of Brooksosis acuta: This latest study cited by David Brooks … Continue reading

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Today’s utes

Kids today, they suck at moral reasoning.  I know this because David Brooks told me so.  He read a book by some Domers about it.  He takes this as his starting point.  He then concludes: In most times and in … Continue reading

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The simple reason there is no simple reason

David Brooks illustrates today that there's a simple, singular reason people employ the oversimplified cause argument scheme: Over the course of my career, I’ve covered a number of policy failures. When the Soviet Union fell, we sent in teams of … Continue reading

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Double standards

Double standards are fun.  We need them in order to get by in life.  All you Irish people, eager for the liberation of Northern Ireland from the hated British (sorry British), might stop to consider that the IRA is a … Continue reading

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