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Hope you like false on your dilemmas

David Catron’s piece at the American Spectator is titled: Is Obamacare Socialism or Fascism? How about liberal, progressive, or egalitarian for tertium quids? (N.B., check out Catron’s opening paragraph, where he insists that he won’t eat healthy food, and thinks … Continue reading

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Complex question triple play

Many are familiar with the fallacy of the complex question, perhaps in the form of its most well known example: when did you stop beating your wife?  The trick consists in cramming two questions into one such that a response … Continue reading

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Weighed, analyzed, confronted

On the theme of taking pride in being ignorant, here's Michael Gerson on Barack Obama: What took place instead under Warren's precise and revealing questioning was the most important event so far of the 2008 campaign — a performance every … Continue reading

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When did you stop beating your wife?

Michael Gerson provides some examples of the elusive complex question fallacy.  After a column devoted to examining whether Obama is really a "centrist" (by looking at the exclusive evidence of whether he has voted against his party on any issue–not … Continue reading

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