Plato’s cave IRL*

In Plato's cave, this is actually illegal:

Dangerous Gun Drawing of the Day: A Kitchener, Ontario man was arrested at his child’s school, dragged to a police station in handcuffs, and strip-searched — all over a drawing of a gun his four-year-old daughter made in class.

It gets worse: The gun in the drawing turned out to be toy.

True story. Via The Daily What.

*Also, "IRL" is Internet for "in real life."

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6 Responses to Plato’s cave IRL*

  1. B N says:

    Oh, our Canadian friends. They're even more politically "correct" than us if that's possible.
    Why would this be illegal in Plato's cave? (btw … nice pic … your cat?)

  2. John Casey says:

    Having a picture of a gun is illegal. . . because it’s all pictures.

  3. B N says:

    Hahaha  ….  just got it now ! That's a good one :)

  4. John Casey says:

    Also, yes, that's George playing with the shadow of his dear (late) friend, Birdie.

  5. Andrew says:

    Certainly the most serious child welfare issue here is naming the child "Nevaeh." 
    (The article at calls her "Neaveh," but other sources state "Nevaeh," which is more likely, unless the parents are dyslexic. "Nevaeh" sadly ranked #25 in the list of girls' names on for 2010.)

  6. John Casey says:

    Well, if they were Spanish language speakers, it would be "oleic," so let's be lufknaht.

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