5 thoughts on “Sorry”

  1. Help! Your website's RSS feeds are totally empty. They contain titles and nothing else (not even excerpts). This sounds like a problem with upgrading to 3.0. Please fix! I do most of my reading through RSS on my ipad. Thanks!

  2. Hmmmm. Anyone else with this problem? I've got feeds in googlereader, both comments and main posts. Are you using a particular service for rss?


  3. Ok, I have done some more research.
    RSS shows partial feeds for Google Reader/Bloglines and my ipad newsrack software.
    I tried http://thenonsequitur.com/?feed=rss2 but also the atom feed as well.
    Try on your wordpress Dashboard choose Settings –> Reading —> For each article in a feed, show(and then make sure Full Text is enabled). 

    Please try to correct this. Thanks!


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