Stay in school

On Tuesday the duly elected President of the United States will deliver a message to students across the land.  The message?  Stay in school.  Fair enough.  Reagan did it, so did Bush Sr.  Bush Jr., I remember, went to read to children in a school back in September of 2001.  Reagan and Bush Sr. delivered explicitly political messages (Reagan even talked about gun control).  Here, for your viewing enjoyment, is the reaction of one particularly unscrupulous right wing talker.  Key point: Obama's stay in school speech is "not entirely consistent with the idea of education." 


3 thoughts on “Stay in school”

  1. What appals me is that this silliness is making it onto front page media coverage. You can find it at YahooNews, NYT, etc. These people have as much reason to be covered as the Maoist party does (do we have such a thing these days) on questions of interior decorating at the White House (I’m sure it’s bourgeois and must be purged). Jeez. It’s just beyond farcical.

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