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Big Boss Man

Michael Bloomberg is the Republican mayor of New York.  He has advocated a ban a gigantic sodas in New York.  This provoked the following reaction from George Will on ABC's "This Week." STEPHANOPOULOS: And it's not easy. I want to … Continue reading

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Gospel of greed

According to Pat Buchanan, taxing investment at something north of half of the rate work is taxed is rooted in the philosophy of envy and the gospel of greed. (Video here.  Why's that? Mr.Buffett says he is unhappy because he … Continue reading

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The whites of their eyes

I'm all for public debate of even the dumbest stuff–birtherism, etc., has its place somewhere in our public discourse.  But that somewhere really shouldn't be the Washington Post.  Today they publish the incoherent babbling of Dinesh D'Souza on the "anti-Colonialism" of Obama.   The … Continue reading

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Up hill, both ways

David Brooks looks with nostalgia to a time when surgery was done without anaesthesia and draws some important lessons. Burney’s struggle reminds one that character is not only moral, it is also mental. Heroism exists not only on the battlefield or … Continue reading

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Two Americas

Of the arguments against allowing muslims to build an Islamic community center (not a mosque for Pete's sake) in lower Manhattan (not at ground zero), Ross Douthat's has to be the silliest.  As is often the case, it starts out sensible: … Continue reading

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Bear with me

My colleagues have challenged me to look deeper into the abyss.  I did.  This is what I found (courtesy of Sadly, No!): In February of 2010, ABC News published an article regarding the 2009 enacted right to carry law in … Continue reading

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Lately I've been thinking of making some modifications to my usual practice here.  One thought is that I should wander into some of the darker corners of the internet (by which I mean the National Review or Ann Coulter's website–if … Continue reading

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One-circle Venn diagram

An article in the NYT on the tea partiers comes to the conclusion most of us had already drawn–they're confused: Their responses are like the general public’s in many ways. Most describe the amount they paid in taxes this year as … Continue reading

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Which hunt

Michael Gerson has an odd sense of time.  Read the the following paragraph closely: Holder launched his tenure by showing disdain for the work of career federal prosecutors when it fit his ideological predispositions. In 2004, a task force from … Continue reading

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I call “shotgun”

Today George Will is all about rights.  Rights are bad, you see: If our vocabulary is composed exclusively of references to rights, a.k.a. entitlements, we are condemned to endless jostling among elbow-throwing individuals irritably determined to protect, or enlarge, the … Continue reading

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